I have been an attorney for 25 years with almost daily courtroom experience.  Having appeared in courts throughout the state and having experienced a wide variety of judicial styles and temperaments, I have a thorough command of the law and how it is applied and interpreted.  Judges, legal professionals and community leaders who know the quality of my work and my commitment to justice have endorsed me.  As a vast majority of cases settle without trials, I have become skilled at negotiating and finding common ground with all parties involved.


My life is guided by a deep commitment to fairness and the idea that a person’s character is made up of all the little decisions made along the path of life. I live my life in integrity with my values. Additionally, my temperament and ability to be calm, non-reactive and measured ensure that I maintain my integrity even under pressure. This has been tested over my 25 years as a criminal defense attorney.


I believe I have something to offer the Alameda County court bench.  The community is best served when the make-up of the bench reflects the demographics of the people it serves. I want to bring my cultural, personal and professional experiences into the mix. I will seek to utilize my perspectives and fundamental belief that everyone deserves respect so that everyone who enters the courtroom feels like they stand on a level playing field.


The Alameda County
Superior Court, Seat 2

I have been preparing and waiting for the chance to run for the next open judicial seat, which has turned out to be that of the legendary Hon. Carol Brosnahan. Judge Brosnahan was appointed to the bench in 1979 and until 1998 she served in the Albany/Berkeley Municipal Court.   I have had the privilege of appearing in her court since the beginning of my legal career. From the first time I appeared in Judge Brosnahan’s court I was in awe at her depth of knowledge of the people who appeared in her court.  She knew their names, their families, whether they were first time or repeat visitors and whether the origin of their issues was mental health or addiction.  When the Municipal and Superior courts consolidated and her case load expanded exponentially, she seemed seamlessly to bring those people into her psyche and knowledge base.  Additionally, I was impressed by Judge Brosnahan’s deep understanding that when a person is in the mental health or criminal justice system, the effects of their situation have a ripple effect on the other people in their lives.  What struck me even more is her unending understanding and compassion for those who suffer from mental illness, which is regularly exhibited in her commitment to the Behavioral Health Court and Conservatorship Court and to those who come before her in those courtrooms.  If I am elected, I will strive to honor Judge Brosnahan’s legacy of compassion and justice. 

It would be an immense honor to follow in her footsteps.

Vote Elena Condes for Alameda County Superior Court, Seat 2.

On March 3, 2020 vote for Elena Condes
for Superior Court Judge, Seat 2