“Of the three candidates, [Elena] stands out as the best experienced and most familiar with the workings of Alameda County courts. Condes’ practice focuses on courtroom advocacy that’s a key part of the day-to-day operations of the local judicial system.

While endorsements usually don’t count much for our recommendations, Condes’ support from 21 current and two retired Alameda County judges says a lot. These are the jurists who have seen her work, who can perhaps best judge whether she’s cut out to be a judge.”

The East Bay Times, January 14, 2020

Full Article:  https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2020/01/14/editorial-elect-elena-condes-for-alameda-superior-court-judge/


“Elena Condes stands out as the best candidate in this race.  Her experience, integrity and commitment to equal access to justice for all are reason enough to vote for Elena.  That she brings much needed diversity to the Alameda County bench is icing on the cake.”

– Eric Swalwell, United States Congress, 15th District Representative


Elena Condes is proud to be endorsed for the
Alameda County Superior Court Judge, Seat 2 by:


Alameda Superior Court Judges:

  • Hon. Sandra K. Bean, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Clifford Blakely, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Carol S. Brosnahan, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Cecilia P. Castellanos, Alameda County Superior Court (Ret.)
  • Hon. Arturo Castro, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. C. Don Clay, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Jason Clay, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. James Cramer, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Armando Cuellar, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Leo Dorado, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Lupe Garcia, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Delbert Gee, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Stuart L. Hing, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Joni Hiramoto, Contra Costa County Superior Court
  • Hon. Victoria Kolakowski, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Jennifer Madden, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Thomas Reardon, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. James R. Reilly, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Benjamin T. Reyes II, Contra Costa County Superior Court
  • Hon. Victor Rodriguez, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Frank Roesch, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Thomas Rogers, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Jon R. Rolefson, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Andrew Steckler, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Gregory Syren, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Trina Thompson, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Delia Trevino, Alameda County Superior Court
  • Hon. Carlos Ynostroza, Alameda County Superior Court (Ret.)
  • Pelayo Llamas Jr, Comm. Alameda County Superior Court
  • Ruben Sundeen, Comm. Alameda County Superior Court

Elected Officials and Community Leaders:

  • Eric Swalwell, United States Congress, 15th District Representative
  • Richard Valle, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 2
  • Brendon Woods, Public Defender Alameda County
  • East Bay Times Editorial Endorsement
  • East Bay La Raza Lawyers Association
  • BALIF (Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom) – an LGBTQI Bar Association
  • BWOPA- Black Women Organized for Political Action
  • EBWPA- The East Bay Women’s Political Alliance 
  • LiUNA! Laborers’ Local 304 (Laborers’ International Union Of North America)
  • Iron Workers Union Local 378
  • APALA- Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO
  • NUHW- The National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County
  • Malia Vella, Teamsters 856
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  • TriValley Democratic Club
  • John George Democratic Club
  • Green Party of Alameda County
  • Courage California
  • Equality California 
  • Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Mayor, City of Alameda
  • Christian Patz, Mayor, City of Emeryville
  • David Haubert, Mayor, City of Dublin
  • Mark Salinas, City Council Member, City of Hayward
  • Sophie Hahn, Berkeley City Council, District 5
  • Kate Harrison, Berkeley City Council, District 4
  • Rashi Kesarwani, Berkeley City Council, District 1
  • Noel Gallo, Oakland City Council, District 5
  • Corina Lopez, City Council Member, City of San Leandro 
  • Ty Alper, Vice-President, Berkeley School Board
  • Tom Bates, Former Mayor of Berkeley
  • Loni Hancock, Former State Senator (2001- 2015)
  • Rosie Torres, OUSD Board Trustee
  • Leticia Salinas, Newark USD
  • Elisabeth Semel, Clinical Professor of Law, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Jeffrey Selbin, Clinical Professor, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Jonathan Simon, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • Paul Chavez, Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Betsy Candler, UC Hastings School of the Law
  • Alysse Castro, Executive Director of Alternative Schools 
  • Maria D. Dominguez, Vice Chair, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women
  • Alessandro De Giorgi, Ph.D., SJSU · Department of Justice Studies
  • Randy Schekman, Nobel Laureate, University of California, Berkeley
  • David Wofford, Former Assistant to Alameda County Supervisor John George
  • Dr. María Ochoa, Professor Emerita, San José State University
  • Tiffanee Jones, Vallejo City Unified School District
  • Neesha Tambe, TechCurnch
  • Dr. Paul Ray, Astrophysicist, Cal Alum
  • Austin Tam, BVUMC Community Developer, founded the Asian Pacific Disability Awareness Project
  • Arjav Rawal, Vice Chair, California High School Democrats
  • Arthur Krantz, Public Employment Relations Board
  • Margo Schueler, Civil Engineer 

Legal Professionals:

  • Andrew Love, Appellate Attorney 
  • Elgin Lowe, Alameda County Deputy District Attorney
  • Armando Pastran, Alameda County Deputy District Attorney
  • Michael Nieto, Alameda County District Attorney
  • Walter Riley, Civil Rights Attorney (Oakland)
  • Elizabeth Grossman, Attorney (Berkeley)
  • Julie Wilensky, Attorney, National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • Niki Solis, Juvenile Public Defender, San Francisco 
  • Maria Morga, Attorney, Office of the State Public Defender
  • Carol Barnett, East Bay Children’s Law Offices
  • Matthew Dalton, Attorney, Dalton & Lew, LLP
  • Andrea Goldman, Attorney (Berkeley)
  • Margo George, Attorney  (Oakland)
  • Chelsea Bonini, Attorney
  • Ruth Spear, Attorney (Ret.)
  • Scott Spear, Attorney (Ret.)
  • Monica Othón Espinosa, Attorney (Emeryville)
  • Pamela Ortiz, Attorney (Alameda County)
  • Alicia Park, Attorney (San Francisco)
  • Autumn Paine, Attorney (Alameda County)
  • Barbara Lanier, Attorney (Ret.)
  • Michael Nava, Attorney (Ret.)
  • William DuBois, Attorney (Ret.) 47 years Alameda County 
  • Victor Ochoa, Attorney (Oakland)
  • Robin Kojima, Attorney (Berkeley)
  • Teresa Renaker, Attorney, Renaker Hasselman Scott LLP

Individual affiliations are for identification purposes only

“Elena would make a great addition to our bench. She is qualified, experienced and would add to the court’s diversity.”

– Hon. Gregory Syren, Alameda County Superior Court


“Elena has been making such a difference in our community as an attorney.  I give her my highest recommendations to become a judge.”

– Hon. Stuart Hing


“I have worked with and alongside Elena Condes for 26 years and wholeheartedly support her.  She will be a great asset to the bench.”

– Walter Riley, Civil Rights Attorney (Oakland)


   "Elena Condes is a highly respected attorney who has the integrity and legal experience to best serve the people of Alameda County. Her commitment to serving the community is unmatched. I wholeheartedly support her campaign to become our next superior court judge."
Monica Othón Espinosa, Attorney


“As a first-time voter and a high school student, I believe it's important for our judges to understand the priorities of young people across Alameda County. In addition to an impeccable legal record of fighting for marginalized communities, Elena Condes has demonstrated her commitment to a strong public education system, as well as her efforts to build a younger, more diverse legal field. I'm proud to support Elena's campaign to succeed Carol Brosnahan on our Superior Court.”

–Arjav Rawal, Vice Chair, California High School Democrats


“As an educator working with many youth touched by the court system, I see what a difference a judge makes in the life of a child.  Elena Condes is the kind of judge who brings not just justice but social justice to the bench”

– Alysse Castro, Executive Director of Alternative Schools 


“An experienced lawyer who leads with integrity, Elena Condes has mentored students and attorneys from diverse backgrounds for decades. She is a role model.”

– Maria D. Dominguez, Esq. Vice Chair, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women


“I have known Elena personally and professionally for over 20 years. Her integrity, decency, deep sense of fairness and unwavering commitment to justice would make her an ideal judge.”

– Andrew Love, Appellate Attorney


“Elena is the consummate professional.  She is a compassionate and prepared advocate.  I am confident she will bring her high standards of professionalism to the Alameda County Superior Court.”

– Michael Nieto, Alameda County District Attorney


“Alameda County is long overdue for a fair, impartial judge that might rectify the chronically uneven and racially-biased sentencing in our county. That person is Elena Condes.”

–Lisa Tracy, Philanthropy Vision


“Elena Condes is and will be an asset to the people of Alameda County.”

– Hon. Carlos Ynostroza, Alameda County Superior Court (Ret.)


“Elena Condes has my full support and endorsement. She will be an excellent judge.”

– Hon. Armando CuellarAlameda County Superior Court


“Elena Condes is dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified. She will be an excellent addition to the Alameda County Superior Court bench. I confidently support the candidacy of Ms. Condes.” 

– Hon. Leo Dorado, Alameda County Superior Court


“Elena has a deep history as a lawyer in the community and a commitment to justice for all. She embraces the values of our diverse cultures and seeks to apply the law to help protect those who are in greatest need.”

– Randy Schekman, Nobel Laureate, University of California, Berkeley


“Elena Condes is a very thoughtful and experienced attorney and would make a fine judge.”

–David Haubert, Mayor, City of Dublin


“Elena is smart, dedicated, fair and ethical. She will make a superb superior court judge.”

– Niki Solis, Juvenile Public Defender, San Francisco 


“We need more judges with practice experience in criminal law.”

– Jonathan Simon, University of California, Berkeley


“Elena is the total package: smart, conscientious and empathetic. She will be a great addition to the Alameda County bench.”

– Matthew Dalton, Attorney


“I have known Elena for over many years— personally and professionally.  Whether consulting on a case or giving advice, Elena is always calm, clear, and engaged.  She has, with compassion and integrity spent her professional career working with underdog.  She is the real deal.  I practice in front of judges everyday and I know Elena has the dedication, temperament and experience needed to be a well respected, successful judge.”  

– Carol Barnett, East Bay Children’s Law Offices


“Elena Condes' years of criminal justice work and her commitment to building healthy safe communities makes her an ideal candidate for Judge”

–David Wofford, Former Assistant to Alameda County Supervisor John George


“As a retired attorney, I know of Elena's work and her passion for a fair judiciary that includes multiple diversion programs for non-violent offenders.  And on a personal level, I know Elena as a hard worker in Soroptimists, an organization whose mission is to improve the lives and women and girls.  Elena will make an incredible superior court judge.”

– Barbara Lanier, Attorney (Ret.)


"I wholeheartedly endorse Elena for superior court judge. Her many years of
experience serving a vast array of clients within the justice system will
make her an excellent addition to the bench."

Chelsea Bonini, Attorney


“I have known Elena Condes as a colleague and friend.  She will make a great judge.”

– Ruth Spear, Attorney (Ret.)


“I have observed Elena Condes, first as a law school classmate and since as a colleague and friend to be one of the most dedicated and diligent people I know. We, the residents of Alameda County will benefit from Elena's compassion, civility and dedication. I endorse Elena Condes wholeheartedly for Superior Court Judge.

– Alicia Park, Attorney


“Elena has decades of experience with our local Alameda County courts, bringing invaluable knowledge of local issues. She is by far the most qualified of the candidates for this position.”

– Autumn Paine, Attorney


”Elena is the best candidate for the job. Her experience and skills are what is needed in Alameda County.” 

– Tiffanee Jones, Vallejo City Unified School District


“My personal observation: Elena Condes is a remarkably able Attorney.”

– William DuBois, Attorney (Ret.) 47 years Alameda County 


“Elena will bring invaluable insight and integrity to the Alameda County bench.”

– Victor Ochoa, Attorney


“As a school board trustee in office for 7 years in Oakland I know how important it is that our judges be experienced with the challenges faced by citizens and especially our youth who end up in the criminal system. Elena is equipped with the right qualities to serve us best.

– Rosie Torres, OUSD Board Trustee


“Elena Condes is an experienced and respected trial attorney who will make an excellent judge.”

– Hon. Jon R. Rolefson, Alameda County Superior Court


“As a native of Oakland and decades long resident of Hayward, I understand the need for judicial expertise that is intelligently thoughtful and rigorously engaged in the communities served by the courts. Elena Condes is a superb example of someone who will be a dignified, well considered member of the bench.”

– Dr. María Ochoa, Professor Emerita, San José State University


"What sets Elena apart is her integrity.  Her word is truthful.  As one of the most hard working, compassionate and committed people I have come across, Elena  would be a tremendous asset to the court.”

– Neesha Tambe, TechCurnch


“I am voting for Elena Condes. She is more than qualified for the job of Alameda County Superior Court Judge. Condes is intelligent, competent, and kind. Her sensitivity and wisdom came through when she acted as defense attorney for one of my good friends. I have lived in Berkeley with my family for 30 years, and I am excited to see Condes become our judge.”

 – Gloria Pass, (Berkeley)


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